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 The Committee of the SDSRI would like to remind our members of the Policy on Appointments.

During the week prior to a round of matches, you will be advised by your relevant Appointments Officer of the game or games to which you have been appointed. Appointments are based on your availability, grading and ability as determined in accordance with the National Grading schedule.

Failure to attend a fixture, after having accepted the appointment, without a valid excuse, is unprofessional, a breach of the Referees Association’s by-laws and totally unacceptable and may render you subject to disciplinary action by the Management Committee. If you accept an appointment and subsequently withdraw, you mustadvise the Appointments Officer in good time. Similarly, advise the Appointments Officer whenever you know in advance that you will not be available for coming weeks. 


 Do not allow Clubs to pressure you into moving to another field.

Even if your match has three officials and the game on the next field has none at all, stay where you were allocated unless instructed otherwise by a member of the Executive Committee of the Southern Districts Soccer Referees Inc




 The Committee of the SDSRI would like to remind our members of the Policy on Payment for Refreshments (Food and Drinks) at Club Canteens. It is a requirement that all Members of the SDSRI pay for any Food or Drinks obtained from the canteens operated by Clubs. Members should have no expectation of Clubs to provide you with Food and Drinks at no charge.

If a club decides to provide you with Drink or Food at no charge, that is their prerogative, and the SDSRI has no agreement with any club to provide our Members with Refreshments at no charge.

 Any Member who breaches this Policy, may be asked to appear before the Management Committee.


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