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Want to become a referee ?
Want to know the laws of the game?
Well here's how you can become one of many hundreds of people who referee our beautiful game every week. Southern Districts is one of the most competitive Association in the Southern Hemisphere with some of the biggest names coming from our area ( Harry Kewell, Mark Schwarzer, Jason Cullina, Paul Okon, Michael Beauchamp ) just to name a few and with over 10 000 registered players in 2009 season.
Refereeing can be an exciting and challenging position providing you with the best seat in the game. So whether your wanting to give back something to the sport you love, earn some extra pocket money or have ambitions of refereeing local, State, National or International levels, this is where you can start.
Refereeing is not just about knowing the Laws of the Game, but also applying them correctly, understanding how the game unfolds, player management and your own personality.
It also helps to develop lift skills and confidence, maintains and improves fitness levels without the bumps and bruises that players sustain.
Course are run for all ages starting at the age of 12 for both Male and Female, see below for the next course dates. 
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