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Branch History

The Establishment of Southern Districts Soccer Football Association and Southern Districts Soccer Referees Incorperated Branch.
The Butterfield family moved to Fairfield in 1939 and lived in Campbell Street, just behind the Mirror Works.
Fred Butterfield had two boys, Fred junior and Ray Butterfield. Growing up in the Fairfield area in those days, rugby league was the prefered sport and played by most, and the boys being to young to play league decided to play soccer.
In those days a Mr. Bill Sewart played a major role in developing youth sport in the area. Bill and his family lived on the corner of Mitchell Street and Carrington Street, which is now called The Horsley Drive, the site of the old Fairfield Hospital.
They owned a large piece of land adjacent to the house and all the local kids Knew it as Sewart's Paddock.
It was there that all the local kids played, be it Football-Soccer, just hitting a Tennis ball or Inter Suburb Cricket.
Mr. Sewart installed a cricket pitch and it wasn't long before a Grade Cricket team come into being.
1945-When Mr. Fred Butterfield senior came home from the war and being English born loved Football-Soccer and missing his kids for so long got interested in what his kids and the kids in the area were doing. He found that the played soccer and relising that in Campbell street alone ther were enough kids to make make up a soccer team and in 1946 Fred Butterfield Senior and his father started a local soccer club and called it Fairfield United with Mr. Albert Hedges as Treasurer. They joined the Granville Districts Soccer Association which was the only Association in the area.
The Club consisted of an Under 14, Under 18 and an All Age Side.
The first formation meeting was held in the house of Fred Butterfield senior at 102 Campbell street, Fairfield and the the home of Fairfield United was Knight Park, off Fairfield street Fairfield.
In those days the field was pretty rugged, the players had to mow and mark the field before matches. there were goal posts but no nets, so many goals were disputed as "not in".
Playing under the Granville Districts there always seemed to be some niggling problems. Referees seemed a little one sided or juts fail to show or the balls provided were not good enough to start the game.
Around May 1946 Fred Butterfield senior on conjuction with Mr. Bill Pye, Mr. Bernie Gadney and Mr. Bill Mathers decided to start their own Association.
21st July 1946 meeting was held in the School of Arts Fairfield by soccer enthusiasts comprising of representatives from Fairfield, Yennora and St Johns's Park. This meeting was organised to discuss the establishment of Southern Districts Soccer Association, which catered for Clubs from Camden to Merrylands.
Mr. Fred Butterfield Senior acted as Chairperson and outlined the position as the code stood in those days.
He explained that all Clubs had been informed and representation by Clubs was poor, but was agreed that night, that representation to the head body of NSW had to be made to obtain further information pertaining to the constitution and regulation for Association.
Mr. Bill Gadney was elected Hon. Secretary and Mr. Fred Butterfield Senior pro tem Chairman. It was agreed that the Secretary would advise all Clubs and that a minumum of eight Clubs were required to form an Association.
8th August 1946 meeting was held in connection with the formation of Southern Districts Soccer Association at Fairfield School of Arts and the following Office Bearers for the 1947 season were elected.
Mr. J. Brown    St. John's Park    President
Mr. B. Gadney    Fairfield United    Hon. Secretary
Mr. F. Butterfield    Fairfield United   Min. Secretary
Mr. A Small    Canley Vale    Hon. Treasurer
Mr. E. Cullis    Fairfield Combined    Publicity
It was decided to go ahead with the object of forming the Southern Districts Soccer Association and that the application to the controlling body of NSW had been made and with so many Clubs in the area showing enthusiasm, Southern Districts Soccer Association would be well on its way next season and with the promise that Fairfield Park would be the new home of the new Association.
Mr. Cullis was also placing adds inthe "BIZ" News paper as to any Clubs interested in joining the new Association. This add went as far as Camden, Regents Park and Chester Hill, they were to contact Mr. B. Gadney the Hon. Secretary.
12th August 1946 meeting held at School of Arts Fairfield. More Clubs affiliated with the new Association. It looked like the new Association was well on its way pending the necessary authority from NSW controlling Body.
22nd September 1946 meeting held at School of Arts Fairfiled and it was well represented by affiliated Clubs.
Mr. B. Gadney reported that the NSW Junior Soccer Association had invited two Delegates from the Association to attend a special meeting to discuss Boundaries for the new Southern Districts Soccer Association.
Mr. Gadney and Mr. Butterfield were elected as SDSA Delegates.
25th November 1946 another meeting was held at School of Arts Fairfield and the Two delegates to NSW Junior Board reported that Southern Districts Soccer Association was approved and would require to furnish the names of the affiliated clubs that would be part of the new season beginning in 1947.
At this meeting they also discussed for the Referees to have their own Association and permission was also also granted by NSWRA to start the new Southern Districts Referees Association.
Mr. B. Mathers was elected to Chair the new referees body in the coming season.
3rd February 1947 meeting was held at the School of Arts Fairfield, the Secretary Mr. Gadney asked the Clubs to supply the Disricts with their Club colours so as they could submit them to NSW Juniors Soccer Association. Clubs that have not given this information were as follows: Campbelltown, Liverpool, Camden, Maquarie Fields, Glenfield, Ingleburn, Minto, Leumeah, Hoxton Park, Bonnyrigg, Hammondville, Chester Hill, Sefton, Old Guildford, Milperra, Bossley Park, Horsley Park, Wetherill Park, Canley Vale, Cabramatta & Warwick Farm.
3rd March 1947 The Secretary Mr. Gadney reported the new Boundaries of the new SDSA Association are as follows;
South of the pipe line from Regents Park to Prospect Reservoir.
West of Regents Park to Yagoona Railway.
South of the Hume Highway and West of Prospect Creek and Georges River Taking in The Shire of Nepean.
Teams within these boundaries were invited to join the new Association.
10th March 1947. Teams already affiliated with Southern Districts Soccer Association were as follows:
Fairfield United, Lansvale, St Johns Park, Old Guildford, Fairfield RSL, Yennora, Fairfield Combined, Canley Vale, Canley Heights and Cable Works.
Closing date to affiliate was 17th March 1947.
30th March 1947. The newly formed Southern Districts Referees Association held its first meeting at the house of Mr. Fred Butterfield Senior at 102 Campbell Street Fairfield, with Mr. Mathers as Chairman and Mr. Kerrigan elected as Secretary pro tem. Mr. Bill Pye became Secretary after the competition commenced, actual date not Known for this meeting.
31st March 1947 meeting held at School of Ats Fairfield, it was agreed by all affiliated Clubs Deligates that the competion would commence Saturday 12th April 1947.
The Secretary of NSW Referees Association Mr. Nies along with Mr. McKenzie was in attendance to give guidelines on what was expected from Southern Districts Soccer Association and Southern Districts Referees Association members.
12th April 1947 The Southern Districts Soccer Association Commenced its competition and all matches were capably handled by the members of Southern Districts Referees Association who were affiliated to NSW Referees Association.
Fixtures for 19th April 1947:
AA Men
Chester Hill  V  St John's Park A     Referee     Fred Butterfield
St John's Park B  V  Lansvale A    Referee     John Brown
Fairfield Conbined  V  Fairfield United     Referee     Bill Gadney
Lansvale B  V  Fairfield RSL     Referee     Bill Pye
Under 18
Faifield United  V  St John's Park     Referee     K. Kerrigan
Penrith  V  Smithfield     Referee     Fred Pope
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Sam Lentini
Life Member
13th November 2006
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